Three Phase

This iconic jewel offers limitless power and has a compact, lightweight design for easy installation. It also offers a remote monitoring facility through a smartphone or web portal.
  • Higher efficiency upto 98.6%
  • Wide MPPT voltage range
  • Offers anti-islanding protection
  • Extended software and hardware protection
  • Built with LCD display
  • IP65 Protection Level
  • DC/AC Surge Protection


Design, Brand Components & Materials

The quality of components used will directly impact on the lifespan of an inverter, and we only use the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Unique Heat Management
We incorporate a unique heat-sink and cooling fin design. We use a star design on the cooling fin, creating a larger surface area and this larger contact surface greatly increases the cooling effect.

One Stop Solutions For Solar

Embrace renewable energy today and experience the power of the sun with our comprehensive one-stop solar solutions.

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