Top 10 things to pay attention to during solar panel installation

Top 10 things to pay attention to during solar panel installation

1. Is my roof old or does it require any repair?
The first thing to think about before even considering installing solar panels, is how old is my roof and does it require any repair? If you need to repair a part of the roof or will need a new roof soon, it is probably the best idea to take care of any roof repairs before the installation. So, in the long run, you won’t need to pay extra to dismantle the work and then put it up again.

2. What is the shape and size of your roof?
Roofs can be in many different sizes and shapes. Before you go ahead with any installation, it is important to consider that you have enough space for the solar panel. If there isn’t enough room, you might not be able to get the return that you expect on your investment.

3. Which is the direction of the slopes of the roof?
Solar panels require a specific placement to generate the maximum amount of power. The slope of the roof is important for you to determine before the installation starts.

4. How much weight can your roof handle?
Weight is another important factor before installing solar panels because it will increase the weight on the structure of your roof. If the weight of these solar panels is too much for your roof to handle, there is a potential that it will collapse. This is very dangerous and not to mention costly. To avoid both situations, it is critical to have a professional evaluate your roof to determine if additional support is required to complete the installation.

5. How do you connect to the grid?
In addition to the structure and shape of your roof, you also need to consider how you are going to connect your solar power system to the grid. When connecting with a local utility, there are many things that you need to determine.

6. Lease or buy?
Every household will need to run its cost-benefit analysis on this basic trade-off. Buying your own system costs more upfront but pays bigger dividends; leasing lets you access cheaper electricity with little or no money down, but the benefits are more limited.

7. Did you pick the trustable brand and product?
It’s important to choose a company for your solar panel that is trusted and holds licenses and certificates from the government making them accountable and trustworthy. When solar panels are not up to the standards, it can lead to monetary loss and waste of resources, it decreases your investment value as well as potential future savings. The scary part is that these lower-quality panels can sometimes be dangerous, resulting in safety hazards.

8. What about warranties?
Since solar panel installation can be expensive and time-consuming, you would want it to be right the first time but because of some unfortunate events if something happens you should be aware of the warranties. They are an important aspect of protecting your solar panels and other related equipment. If anything happens to your solar panels, having a warranty helps you to keep the manufacturer accountable — without any additional cost to you.

Types of Warranties

Different types of warranties exist for solar panels, equipment, and installation. Some of these warranties include:

  • Solar Panel Warranty
  • Installation Warranty
  • Inverter Warranty

9. Did you take advantage of subsidies and incentives?
The cost of installing a solar panel system can be expensive but the good news is government offers a lot of subsidies and incentives for buying installing solar panels on your roof since the government wants to get people interested in investing in solar power. Before your project begins, ask your contractor what options they have and what subsidies you can take advantage of.

10. Don’t forget about maintenance
Maintenance of solar panels and your roof is extremely important. It’s a good idea to find out from your contractor what those maintenance procedures are before the installation begins. If you are unable to meet those maintenance requirements, there is a good chance your equipment will not last as long as you want it to.