How can businesses leverage solar energy?

If you thought solar power is only for residential home owners, or that switching to solar enerngy was not a practical option or is too expensive, think again. Several industrial and commercial owners worldwide have started to support clean and green energy initiatives, particularly solar energy, not just to help the environment, but simply because it is a good financial decision. 

Irrespective of the size of the company, solar energy can bring in several benefits. Highlighted below for your consideration are some key advantages from connecting with the sun: 

    • Solar Tax incentives:

Governments across the globe offer accelerated depreciation of fixed assets associated with a solar power plant. In India, the current rate of acceleration which can be claimed in a year is 40%. This number is higher than general fixed assets. If you are a business owner who is shrewd with money, this is definitely worth your while.

    • Savings on electricity bills through solar energy: 

Electricity generated by the solar panel can be used to run the company’s operations, reducing reliance on utility power, resulting in cheaper electricity bills. 

    • Profitable investment: 

Solar panels have a 25-year warranty. Money spent on setting up the solar system can be gained in the first five years. After this, energy generated over the next 20 years is cost-free for consumption. Some states allow policies that let you monetize additional power generated. 

    • Solar Power is Reliable:

China, US, Japan, Germany, India, Italy, Australia are all markets blessed with clear and sunny days. By opting to go solar, you are ensured of a fixed cost of energy for 25 years. You then beat the fluctuating electricity prices and stay more in control of your power expenditure. 

    • The “green” tag:

Not only is solar personally satisfying, but you create that “green” image for your brand that you can proudly display, thus enhancing the positive perception (or the brand mind share) of the company in the eyes of its stakeholders. The “carbon neutral” or climate positive” are claims that can help attract consumers. Surveys have found that consumers today are actually buying sustainably marketed products, not just saying they want them.

    • Falling cost of solar modules and solar EPC services:

Recently an analysis by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) found that the costs for setting up solar PV projects have dropped by about 80 per cent in India between 2010 and 2018. World over, the price of solar modules has also fallen. With improved technology, a single panel costs a lot less, and generates more power. Get your hands on the system before the prices shoot up again. 

    • Government subsidies: 

Still not convinced? Here’s the cherry on the icing. Both the central as well as state governments are bullish about reaching RE targets and regularly announce subsidies and schemes for those who adopt solar power. This helps bring down the initial financial investment for those who are cost sensitive.

    • Close to zero maintenance cost of solar enerngy modules:

You heard that right, you hardly need to invest in maintenance! The panels are noiseless and are built to endure wind, rain, hail and snow – just about any weather-related hazard you can think of. A little cleaning of the panels at regular intervals will work wonders. 

Most solar panels including Goldi solar enerngy panels come with 10 years of product warranty and 25 years of performance warranty ensuring higher returns on investments. Goldi Solar is amongst a few Bloomberg NEF Tier 1 Solar panel manufacturer globally. Bloomberg NEF Tier 1 is awarded to solar Photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers that have supplied own-brand modules to a minimum of six projects in the last 2-years that received non-recourse debt from a minimum of six different commercial banks. Hence, ensuring bankability.

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